Write Killer Project Proposal to Win Over New Clients

Writing project proposal is an important part of freelancing business development cycle. In a traditional business cycle, this very aspect is managed by a professional team.

But, as a freelancer, you are very likely to perform this important aspect on your own, so better master it.

Writing a catchy project proposal can be the pain in the neck more so if you are completely new to it. Attracting clients to pay for a proposed project is no simpler and it takes a lot of practice to master proposal writing. One needs to learn and master these skills quickly as a freelancer.

Here I will explain various components that will help you in writing better proposals to impress your future hiring managers.

Must Haves in Writing Project Proposal

Writing proposal is something many people don’t like as much as they love doing other documentation works in their business. But, after learning these aspects of a good proposal, you are likely to take it seriously.

Express Scope of Project

It is one of the important aspects of proposal writing. This handy document can help you express your understanding of client’s project and your approach in offering a solution.

Pricing Estimate

While writing a proposal do accurate calculations of your services and resources to be used in the client’s project, and provide a pinpointed pricing estimate.

Propose Deadline

Proposal highlight a deadline for the project which demarcates the length of your association. In this period, freelancers need to finish up the work and put up for review of the client. This help clients in anticipating an expected delivery.

Other Important Components of an Effective Project Proposal

All the elements described above are crucial in writing a good project proposal and are not to be missed. Here are few more components that you should be careful about:

The intent of Writing Proposal

Every project is different; so need to be dealt accordingly. While writing the intent clearly mention how you can help in meeting objectives of client’s project requirements.

Write your intent with more clarity and highlight your key skills relevant to the project. This definitely will force your client to pause and consider about you.


One of the most important aspects and a trick many contractors lack in. Once you have got a project, it’s not all. You need to keep your client in the loop during the development cycle of the project with prompt and straight communication.

Keeping them involved will help you gain their confidence. Even if you have skipped a deadline, come forward and communicate, commit your next deadline, and work onto meet that.

My experience of good communication: In one of my previous projects, my client was really very inspired by my communication skills. Starting from applying for the project to delivering the project, asking for a day off, etc, everything was communicated with the client in the best possible manner.

It resulted in money, a great feedback on my freelancer profile and most importantly a happy client. (Check out in the below image)


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Few More Key Elements


At times you have to work with clients whose time zone doesn’t match yours. In such cases, bring up this issue either in your proposal or during the discussion.

I generally prefer working in Indian day time, though I remain available 1-2 hours daily in client’s working hours for briefing them about the progress of their project. But, whatever is my availability, I mention beforehand.

Additional Expenses

In case you need tools and services for your client’s project which needs to be purchased separately, bring them up in your discussion with your client.

Eg: While working on my last project, I came across great SEO tool and wanted it onboard. So, I clearly told my client about the added expenditure and reflected it in the next invoice.


Besides the above tricks, you can use your creativity and wisdom to good effect. There is no limitation to apply creativity. Your ability to play with words and ideas can be the borderline between an okay and a wow proposal.

Keep bidding and keep growing!

Raghabendra is going and flowing steadily with his new ventures. He is the mastermind behind Freelancing Jack. He also is heading a team of SEO professionals and content writers. He has put priced value on his name and that helps him pull out great results in his projects.