Why Page Loading Speed is an Important SEO factor?

Are you a patient individual? How long would you wait before closing a website with poor page loading speed? Now, imagine what your customers would do when they find themselves in this situation.

It is a fact proven over years; people don’t like websites which load rather slowly. Google particularly is very keen on improving user experience by speeding up the page load speed and therefore recommend to optimize web page loading speed.

Honestly, I am not very good at technical SEO and therefore, we are discussing here why page load speed is important SEO factor and not how to do it. Though, there are enough materials which I can share with you to do learn the trick. Check out the links below for learning to optimize the page loading speed:

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Google has rolled out page speed optimization tools for desktop and mobile version websites. This is an indirect hint why Google’s intention for making fast loading web pages is a genuine concern for webmasters.

So, let’s now know why page load speed is a crucial SEO factor and why webmasters should be wary of it.

Reasons for Making a Website with Faster Page Loading Speed

Apart from the search engine guidelines, various studies have brought up the fact that page loading speed is a crucial factor in visitor engagement and retention. Eventually, better customer engagement leads to increase in trust factor of your website and subsequently overall SEO.

Here I am giving you few good reasons for making websites with faster page loading speed:

Improve Customer Acquisition

According to a Radware report, it takes as much as three seconds before a visitor abandons a website. With a poor page loading speed, expecting new visitors to spend time on your website till you attempt your customer acquisition strategy is quite unnatural.

Basically, by the time your entire web page is loaded, your customer has already gone. Lost opportunity!

Even a one second delay will result in 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss of conversion. (Info source: Aberdeen Group as quoted on CrazyEgg)

With so much at stake, you are brave enough to ignore your website’s page load speed.

Increases Sales for e-Commerce Website

In a very interesting report revealed by Amazon, it is confirmed that 100 milliseconds speeding up of loading time increase their revenue by 1%. Therefore, higher page speed is directly proportional to the revenue generated for the largest online retailer.

Here is a simple trick you can try to optimize your page loading speed. In this trick you need to analyze page loading speed of your competitors and accordingly try to get it better than others. This should be an added advantage for your website, resulting in better SEO score and quality user experience.

The bottom-line is to staying ahead of the competition with a much faster loading website.

In order to understand where you stand, adhere to the below guideline:

Page Loading Speed Classification
Below 1 second PERFECT
1-3 seconds ABOVE AVERAGE
3-7 seconds AVERAGE
7+ seconds VERY POOR

Data source: Venture Harbour

Boost Customer Retention

Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges for any business; therefore your primary aim while making a website should be to boost customer retention by offering best-in-the-class services.

While most sophisticated websites with lots of on-page elements take up to 7 seconds to load, you can try to bring down your page loading speed up to 1-2 seconds. 79% customers who are dissatisfied with the loading performance of a shopping site are unlikely to make the second purchase from it in future.

By reversing this theory, it can be understood that websites likely to load quicker will bring back your customers and therefore boost customer retention.


Any high performing website is a conglomeration of various elements put together for better user experience. Most leading businesses today have a faster page loading speed website. Smaller business shouldn’t stay behind and step up to the opportunities.

A faster and reliable website is what enhance customer search and that is what you should be offering them.

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