Video Marketing: Hottest Brand Marketing Trends

Video marketing is off the blocks and it’s already few steps ahead of other marketing streams. Leading video streamlining platform like Facebook have gone onto register ground breaking success by including video marketing to their marketing kit.

In his recent article titled “17 Stats and Facts Every Marketer Should Know About Video Marketing“, Mike Templeman (Contributor at Forbes) has brought up some really interesting facts about video marketing.

The video consumption is about to increase manifold in the near future, and world’s marketing fraternity is excited about it.

The leading social media (Facebook, obviously) is able to draw in excess of 8 billion video views daily. Similarly, YouTube has predicted that video consumption is expected to rise by 100% every year. Let’s have a look at this infographic.

video marketing

These data are clear indication that, if you are a brand or a marketer, who want to stay in the race, you better need to give video marketing a good shot.

Why is video Marketing Important?

Video marketing has become one of the hottest marketing tools on the back of rising popularity of smartphones. Earlier, the developed market was main consumer of smartphones. However, cheaper wireless and communication technologies have given consumers of developing or slowly growing markets access to better smartphones.

In the wake of this trend, video marketing through personal devices like smartphones and tabs have gone considerably high in recent years. Why is video marketing so important these days for marketers and brand, alike.

Visual content has always been an important ingredient for marketing purposes. Recently, short videos have become popular over various video sharing platforms, and therefore ignoring video marketing isn’t something you can afford to ignore for long.

People these days rather prefer to watch a video about a product instead of reading about it. Therefore, if you want to be in the meat of the things consider adding video promotion in your marketing mix.

Ways of Promoting your Brand through Video Marketing

Video creation and promotion are two different aspects of video marketing. We shall mostly be discussing marketing aspect here. These video promotion tips should help you reach the maximum audience in good time.

Video Sharing Sites

You must have already heard about YouTube. Apart from sharing videos, YouTube can help you generate money from it. It is the biggest video sharing site. However, it is not the only service in this industry. There are many other such websites which allow you to share videos; mostly free of cost. MetaCafe, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Veoh, etc, are some good examples of video sharing site.

Most of these websites receive millions of views every day. You can optimize your videos with right keywords to reach your targeted audience. Short explainers videos to product demo, whiteboard animations to spokesmodel videos, everything can serve your purpose.

It is solely up to you, how you would love to optimize your video channels.

Social Media Sharing

Once you have prepared any of your videos, you can tap the potential of reaching out to potential customers over social media platforms. The number of monthly active users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc aren’t hidden from anyone.

You can share links or videos itself on these social media platforms and reach a large audience out there.

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Video Courses and Tutorials

Video courses and tutorials have got some popularity in recent times. It is very handy on part of customers to watch a video and learn about the products they want to purchase. Video courses are gaining momentum particularly in the field of education.

You would be surprised to know that online video courses market is among the markets making a lot of noise recently. Video courses are just like real time classes, done virtually. Else, you have a real person explaining every aspect of your course for your understanding.

From a marketer’s perspective, you can create short explainer video about products. At the end, you can leave your company’s info such as phone number, email or website to catch customer’s attention.


Video marketing is really expected to grow massively in coming few years. If the forecast pertaining to video consumption by the industry giants is something to be believed, video marketing is definitely there for the long haul.

All you need to do is, either start doing it today or hire a reliable team, who can do it for you.

Let’s hear from you. What do you think about video marketing for your business?

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