Choose Right Social Media Platform for Brand Promotion

Social media is spiritual for marketers like me. I won’t be exaggerating if I say we are living in a virtual world. Using Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, LinkedIn are part of our daily life. We use it very often irrespective of the place we are, or the time of day it is.

Having lunch at restaurants, visiting a new place, watching a live match, every pic or live videos of ours come streaming into social media. Why is social media getting such huge popularity? Wondering for an answer?

The first thing coming to my mind is we get doses of our personality. There are many like-minded people who share their thoughts and we just love their act of expression. Then we have friends and families who make this circle of socializing complete and it becomes a big social circle.

The increasing popularity of social media is a reason why most businesses today have a presence over various social media platforms. From the food joint where you dine last weekend, to your fashion brands, to the brand of car you drive, you will find all of them on social media.

How do you Choose Right Mix of Social Media Platforms for your Brand Promotion?

Here is a common problem I have come across while discussing social media campaigns with clients. This also is concern that disturbs most marketers. Most of them are unaware of the channels they should be using in their social media marketing strategy. Here I am rolling out few steps to consider for making a compelling social media strategy.

Purpose of your Social Media Campaign

Simply having a social media campaign will not serve your purpose, neither will it help you get the expected output of having a social presence. So, you should really understand what purpose does your social media campaign is going to solve or address.

Many businesses use it in different ways for brand promotion, some use it as a customer compliance portal, some use it for launch products, and some do it for customer retention. With so many possibilities at your disposal, you need to know your purpose of using social media platform.

Suppose, you want to use social media as customer redressal system, Facebook is a great option for you. It allows you to write longer replies and let you address your customers’ issues with all the info they need from you. With the limitation of 140 characters, this sometimes can be gruesome on Twitter.

Understanding your Audience

Again, it is very important to have a good understanding of your customer base. Say, you have a sports equipment series for youngsters, so your main primary social media platform should be Facebook. As you get a number of young people on Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ may not give you the kind of traction that Facebook will get for you.

Similarly, suppose you are a new info portal, Twitter is your go-to platform, as you can have a good brand awareness campaigns with cheeky tweets.

And, if you are someone who has services like photography, fashion designing, etc, Instagram is a perfect place for you. You get ample scope to showcase your creativity in the form of images and drive your targeted traffic to your website.

Timing of your Updates

If you are new with social media campaigns, maybe this is a new piece of info for you. But, it’s true that timing of posting social media updates is very crucial. Once your campaigns go viral or your brand earns some following, it only comes down to consistency.

According to a detailed research about the timing of tweets by Kevan Lee, you should consider the timing of tweets for an effective campaign. The idea is to use that time when more people are tweeting and are likely to come across your tweet as well.

In his research, he found out Noon to 1 PM is one of that period of the day, when people tweet a lot. Similarly, there is specific time zone for different countries, which you can check out.

I see a pattern here. It’s basically is that time of the day, when you probably have wrapped up your 1st phase of work for your lunch. So, before leaving their desk people spend 5-10 minutes on the Twitter. So, considering this it is now understandable why Noon to 1 PM is a peak time for tweets.

Type of Content

Content is of utmost importance in this info prime era. Today marketers have many options in content type as well. You can go for video, infographics, gifs, images, text, illustrations, charts, etc, type of content in your post.

When you chose a platform for your social campaigns, it’s essentials to understand what content type is more favorable on those platforms. Say, you want to introduce a new product to your followers, a demo video can be really the content you should be thinking of.

Similarly, in case you are about to touch your LinkedIn circle, go with an infographic. Which in most cases is considered effective on LinkedIn. Though there is no set rule these days, there are unsaid conventions which you should understand.

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Brand promotion on social media is a beneficial way of marketing for both brands and marketers these days, which help them connect with customers directly. It also is a tool for generating more leads. Hence, if you ignore social media campaign for your brand, do it at your own peril.

Raghabendra is going and flowing steadily with his new ventures. He is the mastermind behind Freelancing Jack. He also is heading a team of SEO professionals and content writers. He has put priced value on his name and that helps him pull out great results in his projects.