Top SEO Blogs I Use for Guidance

I love Google for one very reason, that it keeps changing its search result algorithm frequently. This ensures that small SEO companies and freelance individual contractors on one hand and big companies on other have a fair balance. Bigger companies with more experience presumably guess Google algorithms and updates sooner than smaller ones; hence can manipulate rankings with their magic wand. But, frequent updates in the search engine algorithm ensure everyone enjoys the same advantage and customers are fed most relevant information. That’s how Google have played it fair.

Whenever an update strikes, Google as always do it noiselessly and all of a sudden its Neolithic age for SEO fraternity. Therefore, I have this good practice of following SEO blogs. I get the latest feed of updates, news, and forecasts for SEO and other digital marketing practices. Here is a list of SEO blogs I follow and spend more time with than on Facebook.

Search Engine Land

Over 177.8 thousand + 1 (that’s me) follow this SEO blogging heavyweight. Search Engine Land is a proactive SEO blog and updates a good number of posts on daily basis. One can get daily latest updates (famously known as SearchCap; as they call it) by subscribing to their newsletter. Google updates to Search Engine Marketing topics, analysis of reports published by SEO stalwarts to Bing tricks, they do it all with pride. Search Engine Land is one of the popular SEO blogs which can help you understand critical SEO tricks in an easy to understand language.

Moz Blog

Moz blog is my favorite on this list. Moz’s “Beginner Guide to SEO” was my first shot at learning SEO and you know the first teacher is always your favorite. Moz blog has three broad categories, i.e., Advanced SEO, Local SEO and Technical SEO besides others. They frequently discuss on-page and off-page tricks and techniques for their readers. At times you will find detailed case studies on Moz, making them one of the favorite son of the SEO.

Hubspot Blog

Hubspot is such a fun place for learning. Believe it or not, while working on this article, I just finished reading how we grew our traffic by 43%. Best thing I find in their articles is their titles. It’s kind of very attention grabbing and leave readers curious. That’s the trigger I find with Hubspot blog. Hubspot’s articles on SEO and digital marketing topics are simply very informative, backed by case studies and a lot of data. One can subscribe to a community of 300+ thousand marketers for getting latest updates to their inbox.

Search Engine Journal

With a strong fan base of over 150 thousand on Facebook, Search Engine Journal is stellar among SEO blogs. Search Engine Journal is all set to host SEJSummit on 11th May this year at Navy Pier, Chicago. SEJ is a believer of actionable marketing education: for SEOs, by SEOs. They discuss various concepts of SEO, social media and entrepreneurship.

ShoutMeLoud (Blog for Bloggers)

ShoutMeLoud is an inspiration for people who look forward to investing time and money in blogging as a career. The founder himself has walked the talk and shares his experience and experiments. Articles are mainly in digital marketing, WordPress, hosting services and technology, DIY learning tricks, etc. They have a good number of contributors and a huge following on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and YouTube. The best part about this blog is the Income Report from blogging they share on their portal. It’s very inspiring for someone like me.

Well, I must have surely missed out on some other great and influential blogs. However, these are the ones I follow. You can surely add your favorite SEO blogs in the comment below. I would love to follow them as well.

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