Submit your SEO questions to participate in Google’s upcoming short Q&A videos

Google is reverting back to making short videos again. This is going to happen in 3 years that Google is preparing for a short Q&A video. Check announcement in Google Webmasters’ Twitter handle:

Google’s ex head of webspam Matt Cutts was very keen on making short videos for increasing interaction with customers and educating SEOs.

Since he left Google, we haven’t seen much of short videos all this while from Google. However, looks like Google is all set to roll out some awesome short videos for its customers.

How can you participate?

SEOs and other professionals can ask their questions through a Google form. Your questions will be answered in the short video based upon the face value of question from the perspective of this Q&A session.

Using the Google form you can ask your question(s) and need to provide details like your name, location and comments that you would like to add.

This Q&A video will surely be a great discussion forum, as lately Google has implemented frequent changes to its algorithms and search ranking factors. SEOs can seek info\clarifications to the challenges they have faced in 2017. Besides, you can ask your questions for other Google tools.

This platform should also highlight questions which are targeted for future of SEO in the remaining time of 2017 and beyond.


I have covered pretty much how and why this video is so important, so here is a bulleted refresher for your convenience:

  • Google will indulge with customers and get to know the on-ground challenges, which means Google is really interested to listen to the SEOs, and so more marketer-friendly changes are up the sleeves in future.
  • Worldwide community participation will elaborate various market dynamics across the globe.
  • Anyone can participate in this video by submitting their questions using a Google form (link provided earlier in the post) and ask the question based on their personal experiences.
  • This is an opening and let’s hope Google does more videos more often.

Let’s wait for this one and see how it goes!

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