Steal your Competitor’s Web Traffic and Live Happily Thereafter

How serious are you about the market competition? You can’t run away from the fact that you spy on your competitors to understand how they get their customers; at least on the ones who are doing better than you.

That’s the truth and harsh as well. Many businesses today keep an eye on competitor’s efforts to get ideas and understand their moves to brainstorm ideas for their own business.

Have you ever thought of stealing your competitor’s web traffic? Sounds unethical! Well, that may sound a bit, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying it.

Most website owners seem to be more interested in competitor’s website analysis instead of their own website analytics. Let’s acknowledge the fact; if your competitor is smart, their website can give a plethora of marketing ideas, keyword ideas and growth hack tips that you can implement in your strategy.

Here we shall discuss few methods of stealing your competitor’s web traffic.

Backtracking Keywords

That’s relatively simple to do and can help in getting website traffic from the keywords which generate monster web traffic for your competitor. You can use paid/free tools like SEMRush, SmallSEOTools, etc to find out keywords your competitor is ranking for.


  • Focusing content on these keywords should bring in as good results as your competitor is enjoying.
  • Even you can include these keywords in your paid campaigns.

Improve Domain Authority

Domain authority is Moz‘s concept of scaling websites popularity and authority. Good domain authority establishes you/your business as a thought leader/innovator of your industry. So, if your competitor enjoys a better domain authority, most probably they will outsmart you in search engine rankings.

Try to work on improving your website’s domain authority and increase chances of getting better organic results.


Analyzing Competitor’s Social Media Strategy

Just in case, you think, it is too much to imitate your competitor’s marketing initiative step-by-step, understand that it is a process to reveal best practices of your field.

Competitor’s social media campaigns can help you in understanding your customer persona, their primary queries, feedback, etc. Besides, you can tap the relevant interest groups for massive scale campaigns. Knowing these details will help you in paid campaign investment.


  • Interact with customers as much as possible.

Steal Competitor’s Link Resources

Authority backlink is search engine’s most challenging ranking aspect. Analyze competitor’s backlink profile with free tools like Ahrefs and find out websites that offer links to your competitor.

Make a list and reach out to these websites for backlinks. High authority links will increase traffic and authority of your website.


  • Create quality content and reach out for distribution.
  • Go for high-quality links, instead of chasing low-quality spammy links.


Monitoring competitor’s strategy will enable you to remain proactive with your marketing strategy. By doing this you can make your website as SEO optimized that of your competitor. You can get a good share of their audience as well.

Note: Don’t be a copycat. Feel free to use their data for your strategy, don’t start copying their content as well. Be innovative and prepare fresh content based on your brand. If you are not doing content piracy and using competitor analytical data for reference and studies, everything you are doing is legit.

Let us know how do you think you can steal your competitor’s web traffic.

Do share with your friends who you think would steal their competitor’s web traffic.

Raghabendra is going and flowing steadily with his new ventures. He is the mastermind behind Freelancing Jack. He also is heading a team of SEO professionals and content writers. He has put priced value on his name and that helps him pull out great results in his projects.