Motivation holds the key for a Freelancer

No doubt, freelancing is fascinating and it can be a highly paid job. If you are really good in your field of expertise, you get good value for your services and clients want to work with you. According to my experience, the only downside in career of a freelancer is the challenge to keep the motivation going, which tumbles at times –  when you are on your own and no one vigils you.

Many freelancers will have a different opinion on this notion, but most should agree that motivation of working independently, at our own time, from home in most cases, are some point of interest that inspire an individual contractor. Though the tag of “self-employed” sometimes is subject to interrogation, but that’s part and parcel of every unconventional career options.

How a Freelancer can keep the Motivation Going?

In a career span of a freelancer, motivation plays the most significant part – from grabbing the first project to becoming an established or well-known name. To be very frank, in my early days I was also susceptible of my capabilities and more so about my chances of winning a project ever.

Some of my friends, who were freelance web developers themselves, used to talk about many freelancing geniuses, who bagged projects worth $ X thousands. And, I was most of the time like, really? Do they even exist? Such stories were a regular for me, mostly due to my friend circle. Most of the guys I was socialising with at that time were freelancers.

One of the best ways to keeping yourself motivated is to have a material volume objective in your sight. Let’s say, you wish to have a dream bike and that sets your expectations from your job and subsequently the salary. For me buying my own house is a long-term objective. So, we can keep motivated and charged up by having a finite shape of our expectations ahead of us.

How Motivation Help me in Grabbing my First Freelance Project?

When I started, around 10-12 months passed without significant (better read “any”) success for me. I used to have an account on oDesk (now UpWork) and Elance (Merged with oDesk). I had good success with oDesk and even today, it is the best source of work for me.

This is the time when I was working as an administrator at one of my friend’s office. Luckily, I get enough of free time, free internet and space to sit and think. During this phase, I kept working on polishing my oDesk account. In the meanwhile, I kept getting projects – mostly fakes one, captcha capturing type works, that pays .0000001 dollars for 1 Million entries (overly exaggerated), but not completely false either.

This is the time when I came across one job posting on oDesk from a company based in the US and seeking Indian content writers. I applied for the job and immediately my would-be employer asked for a sample article. I took my time to write the article and submitted it for review. They liked my work and within a week, all other formalities (signing NDA agreement and Proprietary Contract) were completed and I got awarded with my first freelance project, worth US $500/month.

Many of you now would be arguing in mind, what’s role of motivation here. Many would say it is perseverance (because I kept applying for jobs even without succeeding for 10-12 months) and not the motivation. Let me explain, why I said, its motivation. During the entire cycle of events, my mind was always driven by the thought that someday I will have a good life. The greed of getting a comfortable life kept me focus and glued to the work. I truly believe motivation backed by greed (material element) can be a lethal arsenal for success, however, perseverance is a real personality trait (mostly an inbuilt element). And one fine day (rather a night), I got the project that gave me perfect launching pad to my freelancing career, hands-on experience and further motivation to do well in future.

When you get to know new people you come across many weird ideas as well. Share with us, What keeps you motivating?

Raghabendra is going and flowing steadily with his new ventures. He is the mastermind behind Freelancing Jack. He also is heading a team of SEO professionals and content writers. He has put priced value on his name and that helps him pull out great results in his projects.