Lesser Used Google Tools for Marketing

Are you aware of the Goolge tools that are offered for free? No doubt, you must be already familiar with Google Chrome, Google My Business, and Google Analytics, which are free. But besides these impeccable tools, there are also some other free tools by Google, which are not so popular, unfortunately. Online marketers miss out on using free tools to its potential in their business and often rely upon heavy paid tools to boost up website traffic, generate leads and other marketing purposes.

Here I am sharing few lesser known but important free tools by Google. Let’s have a look…

Google Translate

Google Translate is an awesome little tool that can help you translate your textual content. This is a super helpful tool in many scenarios. Let’s understand them:

  • If you have content in English and want to translate it to any other language.
  • If you have content in any other language and want to translate it to English to understand it.
  • You can listen to the written script and proofread the document by listening to it.

Why I particularly mentioned English is it’s most preferred language across the internet. Apart from these three basic utilities, you can also check the meaning of jargons in any given language in Google Translate.

Google Alerts                                

Google Alerts is a service that is used to track the results on the search engine and if any changes or updates are noticed, it instantly sends an alert email to the subscriber. Its fundamental use is to observe the web for particular information or content or any topic for which you want to create the alert. You can also create an alert for new advancements in technology, celebrity gossips or current trends. To create an alert, all you need to do is: open the website and enter your search by selecting the source type. Now select the frequency, i.e. how often you want to receive the alert notifications, and search volume. At last, click the “Create Alert” button. You can even modify your alerts or delete the alerts when you don’t want them to receive.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test is a very significant tool which checks compatibility of your website for various devices like mobile phones, tabs, etc. In today’s phenomena, it has been observed that the maximum of the email is opened on smartphones. So it is very important for your business that your email must be compatible with every device from computers to mobiles. It only takes seconds to check if your content is responsive or not. You just need to open the website and enter the URL of the web page and click on “Analyze”. You will get your upshot within seconds.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool lets you analyze the performance of your web pages and get determined suggestions on how to optimize them. ​With PageSpeed Insights, you can simply identify ways to make your site faster and more user-friendly. It helps to have an estimation on your content delivery networks and rendering speed in different browsers.

Google Trends

Google Trends is very popular for content marketers, but many of them are not familiar with this powerful tool by Google.  This tool provides you an insight of what people are making a search on Google search engine currently. With Google Trends, it is not the frequency of terms that is analyzed but also the time defined frequency of keywords in relation to the others. It only displays the relative combined search volumes from all countries that are sharing a particular language. It is possible to refine the main graph by region and time period.

Google Correlate

It can be merely considered as the cousin of Google Trends. Although Google Correlate is not as popular as Google Trends currently but it also provides information about how much the individual terms have been searched on Google search engine through which we can derive the trending keywords. It is also possible to have separate records in CSV upload file format. It basically finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends. Also, you can upload your own data set and search for similar trends, or enter search terms and see matching patterns that you are looking. You can use each correlation to get deep insights about your audience and uncover the best place to roll out a new brand.

Google Voice

It provides you low-cost distance calling and receiving transcriptions of your voicemails over the Internet. Currently, this tool is only available in the US but in the near future will be launched in other countries as well. To get started, go to the Google voice site and choose your type of account. Then follow the prompts.

Google Keep

Google Keep is another innovative little tool launched in Mar 2013. This is a note taking app which is available as the web and mobile application for various operating systems. You can share your notes with your friends and colleagues and it is an amazing tool to enhance coordination and communication. One of my ex-boss introduced me to this tool and since then I am using it on a regular basis.

Google Mail Merge Add-on

If you are marketing guys who need to send personalized blast emails on daily basis, Google Mail Merge Add-ons is made for you. Install this add-on Google Chrome and you are ready to use. You can schedule your blast emailing, add attachments, and send up to 50 emails per day if you are using free mail merge add-on. Though, you can buy a premium license for this add-on worth US $29.99 and increase your daily email sending limit to 250. We shall bring out a separate article on using Google Mail Merge Add-on shortly. Stay tuned.

It is a known fact that Google amazes us time and again with its innovative tools which make our work easier and quicker. Do these free Google tools help you in your business? Share your experience with us.

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