How to Increase AdSense CPC for your Blog?

Google AdSense is a great resource for monetizing blogs. It is particularly very beneficial if you generate good traffic to your blog as that increases your earnings from ad impressions and clicks.

While many bloggers make good money from Google AdSense, many also struggle to get good value from AdSense on their blog. Any guesses, why?

Let me explain this. The bloggers who receive better AdSense paychecks surely have a better AdSense CPC, which guarantees a better earnings from the ad clicks.

So, if you feel at this point of time, “Okay, so that’s the reason why I don’t make great money from AdSense.” – read on.

Why Better AdSense CPC is Desirable for Bloggers?

It’s pretty obviously, you spend time and money for making an informative and engaging blog and so desiring for a better AdSense earning is very natural.

Keywords with higher CPC will ensure better earnings for you even with a lower CTR (Click Through Rate). Let’s understand this:

A keyword with AdSense CPC of $ 0.03 will given you $ .30 on 10% CTR (10 out of 100 visitors clicking on ads). Whereas a keyword with AdSense CPC of $ 0.5 will make $1 at 2% CTR.

It is pretty straightforward equation. You get a better earning with better AdSense CPC ads and that’s what you want from your blog.

Tips to Increase AdSense CPC

It’s quite fair to be paid well for your efforts. So, here are few tips that will help you improve AdSense CPC of your blog.

Content, Keyword and Niche

These are three aspects which you need to be very watchful for making a money making blog. Quality content surely win trust of visitors by addressing their queries and result in better CTR.

Keyword on the other hand need to be chosen wisely while researching for content. Google Adsense show different ads on different content. All this is done through AI (artificial intelligence) which is mostly influenced by the keywords. Therefore, better AdSense CPC is directly related to the keyword selection.

Every niche is different and hence, each of them have different monetizing potentials. Digital products, domain services and electronic gadgets have higher CPC keywords. If your blog is dedicated to these niches, your earning potential is naturally high.

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Block or Allow Ads

Google AdSense has a unique option to control the ads on your blog. This feature will help you to keep a check on ads that are not relevant to your blog.

The ads category which are completely irrelevant to your website and its audience should be blocked. Suppose, you own a blog that is dedicated to parenting, auto and vehicles is not something on your go-to list now. So, ads for auto and vehicles are irrelevant in this scenario.

Audience Targeting

AdSense ads which are advertised to audience residing in the US and the European countries generate upto 5-10 times better CPC than ads clicked by audience from Asian countries.

According to a ShoutMeLoud article, Asian audience including India are account to much lesser payment in comparison to the US and European country audience on AdSense.

Selecting Right Ad Format (Text and Image ads)

You must be aware that you have options to select type of ad format you prefer for your blog. Text and image ads are very likely to produce better CTR and thereby increase your earnings.

You can select the ad position on your blog according to your preference. However, recommended best practice is to place ads in between content and on sidebar. However, if you want place ads on header and footer as well depending upon your website’s layout.

Place maximum of 2 text or image ads between the blog post.

Don’t Over Do Ads  

Though, a general belief says, you increase your chances of selling more by placing more ads on your blog. However, it may distract your customers. Also, many customers don’t like to see ads and therefore there is every possibility that overdoing ads will err them, and they leave your blog.

This is not a good sign and it will increase bounce rate of your website. So, keep 3-4 ads in your blog posts and that will increase Adsense CPC.


Google AdSense is one of the most reliable source of income for newbie bloggers. Importantly, it is very easy to manage and operate.

However, in order to get AdSense approved on your blog, you need to focus on creating good content on your website.

I got approval for AdSense within two months and after publishing 17 articles on my website. I celebrated this small moment of my blogging journey on LinkedIn and some people just didn’t celebrated it as much as I did.

They were of the opinion that it’s not a big deal to get Adsense approval and that Amazon pays really well. However, I know, AdSense have a certain quality checks and guidelines, and therefore approval for me was an attestation of good work on my blog.

Suggestions and comments regarding tips to increase AdSense CPC is welcome. And, if you think this blog will help any of your friend, share with them.

Raghabendra is going and flowing steadily with his new ventures. He is the mastermind behind Freelancing Jack. He also is heading a team of SEO professionals and content writers. He has put priced value on his name and that helps him pull out great results in his projects.


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