Branding with Quality Social Media Content

The word is out; “Content is King” – who else know this better than a digital marketer. You spend hours in researching, writing, designing and then publishing the content on your website and across all social media platforms.

But is your hard work getting paid off with proportionate success? If you answer “Yes”, Great! Though, you still can leverage your branding efforts for a bigger and better coverage. But, if you say “no”, you seriously need to keep reading this.

Social media and content marketing goes hand in hand just like a mobile phone and a SIM card. One without the other just won’t work. Beyond the shadow of doubts, success in social media marketing requires a deep and unhypocritical understanding of your audiences’ needs and interests. You should have the ability to improvise quality of social media content and draw in audience participation for a lasting relationship with them.

The value of social media marketing to businesses does not lie only in promoting content to the masses but it’s in the flair to promote compelling and enticing content that build your brand reputation and community over time. Higher quality social content always breeds deeper affection and fan following.

Here are the important reasons why compelling content for social media marketing is important. Let us have a look…

Builds Brand Reputation

In today’s intensely competitive world, building your brand’s reputation is another difficult task. By sharing compelling content with your audience on social media you gain their trust and transfer an experience they are longing for. As long as you select right topics and perform decent work, you’ll ultimately start showing up to people looking for content. Initially, when you show up, people might not engage with your name (due to unfamiliarity with your brand) but gradually, by the fourth or fifth time, your audience will begin to recognize you as an expert in that particular field specifically when they are in need. Below illustration explains brand engagement on Twitter and Facebook.

Data Source: Unspunmarketing

Pro Tip:  Build your brand reputation faster by start considering true potential of content marketing on social media.

Social Existence

There is a social confirmation bias in the market which is wired in our minds. People trust what others trust. When people see comments, share or likes of others on your content, ultimately it drives their attention too. Your content instantly appears more valuable, and as a result, people know that yes your brand exists socially.

Drives Engagement

Certainly, your quality content always results in engagement with your readers. One of the best benefits of content marketing on social media is it even helps people who are already looking for someone like you. People usually look for their answers while reading the content. Contents with long-tail keywords like ‘How to’, ‘Why’ and ‘What’ are likely to get more value. If your posts are the one answering questions, your audience will have a sense of relief and comfort with your content. They’ll remember you next time whenever they are in need. This in the long run also drives engagement with your website and brand.

Increases SEO Rank

Publishing quality content is the number one criteria for your search ranking and it’s irreplaceable. By using the power of social media marketing, you can increase your audience and conquer great clicks. This will drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO rankings. Use relevant keywords in your blog posts and while posting on social media, tag with same keywords. Update your content regularly and never sacrifice the quality of your content for SEO rank. The quality will eventually footprint the best ranking.

Over To You

Can you think of more reasons behind the importance of brand marketing with compelling social media content? Let’s hear it from you.

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