Guest Blogging: The Way I did my First Post

Guest blogging is a great way to reach out to other website owners and get the word out for your brand through them.

A perfect definition for guest blogging would be, “The SEO technique bloggers use to increase their traffic by approaching other bloggers to write for their platform and in return get traffic to their blog.”

Unless you are the big fish, who have loads of credentials to your name, it can be really difficult for you to get a “YES” from fellow bloggers. You should be really good at pitching your ideas, which eventually will earn you permit from bloggers in your niche.

For a newbie blogger like me, guest blogging is little harder. But, who wants everything served on the plate!

Here is a quick, short and handy guide (with a real example) on how to get approvals for the guest blogging.

SEO Factors to Keep in Mind for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can affect SEO of your website in a good or bad (if done incorrectly) way, hence let’s consider these good practices about guest blogging. These are most important things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t try to get too many links from one website by writing excessive posts for them. Excess links coming to your website from a single source can be considered spam and therefore may bring penalties.
  • Don’t overdo guest posting. Have a good strategy. Mix up things. Links, resources, almost everything.
  • Always try to collaborate with bloggers in the similar or relevant niche. Your association with the fellow bloggers must look very natural and obvious.
  • Always ask for do follow links back to your website. Do follow links are really valuable for overall SEO of your website.
  • Check domain authority of the website you are writing for.

How I Did my First Guest Blogging?

Recently, I published my first guest post on a blog whose theme is very similar to mine. Importantly, I get three do follow links by getting this guest blog posted. So, the big question is how I do it. Shall see:

Finding Targeted Website for Guest Posting

As an SEO guy, I always knew I have to do this. One can easily find a good list of websites by using terms on search engines, as:

  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “accepting guest posts”

What I did for guest posting is little different than this standard protocol. I searched on Twitter for people with the search term “freelancing” and I found a list of accounts. Now, it’s time to make a list of these accounts and reaching out to them.

Making the First Conversation (Pitching)

In guest blogging, you generally have to impress your associates with your ability to convey your idea in your email. So, basically, it all comes down to how good an email template you can write.

My pitch copy looks like this:

Hi [Blogger’s first name/Owner of blog name],

Hope you are doing good and all good wishes for [Blogger’s blog name]!

I am [Your name] and I have been writing on my blog about many things like [topics you cover in your blog], etc. Please have a look @ [Your blog name] and feel free to give your feedback.

Also, I find [your blog/blog name] really interesting and that brings me to ask if there is any way I can guest post on your platform. We can discuss details about the topic and article going forward with this discussion. Let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,

[Your name]

In a day or two, I got a reply from the blogger I approached. So, a simple and straight forward template is enough to get you a guest posting opportunity.

Other Requisites

Here are few other things which you can think of while doing guest blogging.

Always try to discuss the topics with your new associate. Discussing the topic will help you writing a relevant copy for the audience of your new partner. In my case, my partner clearly mentioned that if I am writing anything at all, it should be related to freelancing.

Also, discuss the word length of the article. Most bloggers follow a set pattern with their article length as well. Some do long form articles, whereas some go with shorter ones like 4-5 hundred words. Though you can check it out in your associate’s website; it’s better to ask them.

Feel free to ask them other aspects like reimbursement, type of links, the number of backlinks, etc.

The whole idea is to have clear communication and make the new association a fruitful one.


A few years back, Google was quite strict about guest blogging as many websites have started farming/purchasing links by practicing illegal means. However, it still is alive and proves to be a very resourceful way of increasing your website’s authority.

Raghabendra is going and flowing steadily with his new ventures. He is the mastermind behind Freelancing Jack. He also is heading a team of SEO professionals and content writers. He has put priced value on his name and that helps him pull out great results in his projects.