How to get More Clients: Guide for Freelancing Business

Freelancing career is facile but the real and biggest struggle that most freelancers confront is to “attain new clients”. If you’re just getting started with your business, you must relate to the strenuous process which involves great efforts. It is laborious to get your first few clients especially when you have negligible credibility or reputation in your niche. It seems daunting, but if you have wholehearted dedication, patience, and a persuasive approach, getting new clients won’t be a problem for you forever.

You need to create the right plan and strategies to attain them to reach to new prospective and convert them. You need to figure out what best works for you and just stick to that plan.

Here are few tricks to help you find clients as a freelancer and thrive with your business.


This is the main step for attaining clients. Grow your network and eventually, your brand’s image will grow. If you have a website, promote your website on social media platforms and build a social presence. Apart from social media, helping others on forums and commenting on blog posts is an absolutely great way to be visible online.

Participating in Q & A platforms is a great marketing mix. Your contribution in helping others prove your knowledge and prodigy in the given subject and qualifies you to be an authentic service provider.

Also, try to attend events with like-minded people, or go to a client industry event. You can make so many connections by floating around the event’s place and introducing yourself to new people. Share your business cards with them.

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Promote your Thoughts & Skills Online

To thrive in getting your name out there doesn’t always have to happen by word of mouth, but it can also be done through various branded materials, advertisements and social media. For example: Offering free consultations which will help to create your own reputation. You can also list your business and services on directory sites. Always represent ideas in a unique way and find opportunities to showcase your skills. Once you are noticed by an employer who might be looking for a person with such skills, he will automatically connect with you to know more about you and assign you his work.

Understand your Potential Clients

If you have just started with your freelance business, obliterate the thought of being too idealistic. Many freelancers have set a clear vision of a perfect client. But initially, you should start considering even small projects to start your business. This is how you can get expose your skills and talents in the market initially. If you’ll stick your neck out towards every potential opportunity, you have a really good chance of eventually striking gold. And if yet,  you are not able to achieve clients, you should consider refreshing your profile and making it visually attractive to potential clients.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way to set a reputation in the market through other’s network. Approach some branded websites on the web and write for them, it may be free or paid. Your basic motive is to attain online reputation. Remember, when you create content for others, you put yourself in front of more eyeballs (including those of potential clients!). However, creating content for other sites/publications doesn’t only have to be writing. It could be anything like infographics, illustrations, videos, or images. But, make sure your content have your name and credits.

Updated LinkedIn Profile

As you must be knowing, LinkedIn is a professional networking service, many recruiters and hiring managers search it for their next recruits. In fact, they have an entire tool for that exact purpose. Make sure you have an updated LinkedIN profile showcasing your skills, and relevant work experience. And include a summary that addresses your most important and relevant skills and achievements. It is better to keep your experience and skills updated always. Go above and beyond by adding recommendations from former employers/people you have worked with, which will enhance your profile. Create as many connections as you can which consists your targeted audience.

As you have chosen an unorthodox work culture, you are not limited by trying the unthinkable. Make sure you are carrying a courteous approach, no matter what strategy you are adopting. People usually like nice people to work with. I would be interested in exploring more ideas of getting new clients. Freelancers are invited to share their ideas in the comment.

Raghabendra is going and flowing steadily with his new ventures. He is the mastermind behind Freelancing Jack. He also is heading a team of SEO professionals and content writers. He has put priced value on his name and that helps him pull out great results in his projects.