Ethics of White Hat Link Building

The debate between white hat vs. black hat vs. gray hat techniques is one of the most talked about concern among SEO professionals. The dynamic nature of search engine algorithm is such that a strategy like directory submissions which was considered important earlier have negligible value today.

One needs to keep abreast with latest SEO trends and that brings you to refer leading SEO blogs for guidance. These blogs are very helpful as they have a very passionate team working on bringing the latest updates of SEO world.

You will find almost every info on these websites, i.e. from latest SEO changes to understanding various SEO processes. In short, you get value for your time spent on these info hubs.

We all know the importance of white hat link building strategy and why the black hat is the bad kid, which can drag you in trouble 100 out of 100 times. Let’s analyze how to maintain a white hat link building strategy in 2017.

What is White Hat Link Building?

Simply put, white hat link building is the process of acquiring backlinks from other websites and resources in fair and fine means. It is one of the most natural ways of getting links. This process involves creating good quality and readable content, which people are likely to share. Once that happen, you come into good books of search engines and enjoy benefits of organic search engine marketing.

Seemingly, Google put emphasis on creating good quality content that offers solution to users more than to feed search engines. Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates ensure people stay away from practices of keyword stuffing, creating spammy links, getting links from irrelevant sources, etc.

Approach to White Hat Link Building

Let’s understand the approach to white hat link building in the context of black hat or bad linking strategy. Honestly, understanding white hat strategy has no meaning if not examined with reference to black hat linking methods.

Reciprocal Link Building Strategy

The reciprocal linking strategy is really a great way of creating a backlink profile. Google or other search engines don’t look down upon this strategy unless you go berserk and create excessive links from a single source or from resources which are no way related to your website and niche.

Getting excessive links from one or few source will mark your backlink profile into black hat linking strategy. So, if you are interested in reciprocal link building, make a list of websites from where you want to get links, check the content relevance and approach website owners.

Guest Posting

Another great way to get juicy links is guest posting. Though guest posting can never be labeled easy, it has very good value to your overall SEO strategy. For guest posting, you reach out to people to share your content on their platform and linking back to your website.

Make sure you have written content that is relevant and interesting enough to share on their platforms. Once they agree and post your article, you get a link and partial traffic from their website. One big challenge of guest posting is reaching out to website owners and convince them unless you are a wordsmith who gets instant approval for all his write-ups.

Forum and Blogpost Comments

Google has abandoned the un-moderated blog commenting and assign a no-follow status to links obtained in this way. Therefore, if you want to get quality and juicy link value from blog commenting, write genuine comments and post.

Such comments should render relevant value in the context of the article and push a reference from your website in form of an anchor text link.

Similarly, in forums, your links obtain value only if they are placed in an as natural way as possible. It should always be in the context of the discussion and offer relevant value to the.

Posting comments like, “We have done similar projects. Check:” – is likely to bring upon charges of spamming onto you and invite the wrath of moderators of the forum resulting in a permanent ban of your account.

Buying Links – What to do?

Google has always disowned strategy of buying links. You will find many websites with statements that they sell links; never try to get links from there. If Google finds a tiny hint of such practices on your website, you earn a Google Penalty and then recovering from there will hurt you badly.

If you have purchased links in the past as well, consider removing them. I understand you spent money on buying such links, but it will only affect the health of your website very badly and recovery will be much costlier for you.


White hat link building is a subjective matter. There is a thin line between white, black and gray hat link building methods, therefore you need to be extra careful while creating a backlink profile.

Remember, most important thing is to make your links look like natural even though it has been bought or exchanged. It is those links which may trouble you. Purely natural links are as good as nectar for your website, so you have to take care of links that are bartered.

I would definitely look forward to learning other white hat linking strategies that you guys follow. Please share your ideas in the comment.

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