How Domain Authority Helps in Monetizing your Blog

Domain authority, commonly known as DA, of your blog, is a key factor which determines how good it can be monetized. Many bloggers only care about their website traffic, which is not wrong. But, you should also consider improving domain authority of the blog if your aim is to earn from it.

In simple words, Domain authority is said to be the score of your website on a scale of 0-100, zero being the least. This means, your website should score higher points.

Domain authority is devised by MOZ and is a score which indicates how better or worse are chances of your website for being ranked on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for any given keyword.

Age, popularity, and size are three very important aspects in determining DA of your website.

How to Check Domain Authority of your Blog?

Checking domain authority of any website or blog is a pretty simple process. You will find many web based domain authority checker tools available on the internet.

MOZ also has its own set of tools to help bloggers check DA of their blog. Open Site Explorer feature of MOZ display the DA when any website URL is submitted to it. It will look like the image below:

Open site explorer

Another useful DA checker tool is the Mozbar extension for the web browser. Search for Mozbar on Google Chrome Web Store and install the extension to your web browser. Log in into the Mozbar with your MOZ account credentials and check DA of your website.


Ways to Monetize your Blog by Improving its Domain Authority

This infographic on top blog earnings from Jun 2017 will give you some motivation for sure.

Blogger earning report Jun 2017
Stats Source: BloggersPassion

Higher domain authority has its own benefits for bloggers. It opens up many avenues for cashing in on your hard work. Here is my take on how you can monetize your blog by improving your domain authority:

Adsense is in for Sure

Better DA ensure higher SERP rankings and in return gives you a good volume of traffic to your blog. This is a good time to get your Adsense account approved and become a publisher.

Many bloggers don’t prefer Adsense due to its strict guidelines and low payouts. But, considering the fact that you don’t have to do any difficult coding or maintenance after initial setup, Adsense is a good deal in any condition.

Those who are completely new to blogging should read Harsh Agarwal’s How To Make Money From Google AdSense Newbie Guide to get an idea of how you can make money from Google.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the most lucrative way of monetizing your blog if you can get it right. The whole concept of affiliate marketing depends on the idea of selling other’s products through your blog and in return earn some portion of commission on each sale you made.

You can join affiliate marketing networks like Click Bank, Commission Junction or JVZoo and find different affiliate programs which can help you earn money from your blog.

Learn how to make money online as an affiliate

Make Money by attracting Guest Posting

With a quality DA score for your blog, you increase chances of getting proposals from other bloggers for guest posting on your blog. This is really helpful for the development of your blog as well.

Many times, you will end up bloggers requesting you for paid guest posting opportunities. Apart from the money, you get quality content for your blog. Always try to operate with niche specific bloggers for guest posting to ensure relevant content supply to your audience. You should check out how I did my first guest post.

Be an Advertisement Billboard

A better DA is resultant of many factors which include better website traffic, better back link profile, quality content, etc. All these factors when combined together make your blog an advertisement billboard.

An increased DA will result in many niche specific products and services wanting to capture advertisement space on your blog. Most quality blogs you will see around advertise one or more products.

Few Tricks for Improving your Blog’s Domain Authority

Now, you know these ways of monetizing your blog by improving domain authority, you should learn actually how to improve it. Here are few good tricks:

Content is Most Important, The King

As a blogger, “Content is King” should be your ideal way to go about. Unique, useful and informative content is the mantra today. Spend a good time in writing and designing your content which will increment your blog’s DA.

Increase Website Loading Speed

Websites with higher page loading speed suffer from higher traffic loss. Most people simply don’t stay long enough on such website and abandon it. Increase your blog’s loading speed and hold your audience.

Monitor your Linking Strategy

Links from bad sources are not heading you up to right direction. You are as good as to get a quick traffic fluctuation to your blog. So, monitor your linking strategy closely and spend time on getting links from highly reliable sources.

If you don’t have enough time on your hands after daily chores, you can hire services of SEO experts or quality link builders.

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Domain authority isn’t simply an indicator that let you know how you should monetize your blog. It helps you realize that overall condition of your website is healthy and that its search engine visibility is better. On a personal note, I would suggest you guys to stick to operate within your niche industry blogs in order to stay relevant to your audience.

What strategy do you take to improve your blog’s domain authority? Share your ideas in comment.

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