How to Create Core Team of your Company?

Great teams play great games. Win or lose, the game is throughout yours. Vibrant team members can make your journey wishful and dull ones can bring you down from the throne of Bishop.

As a businessman or a company, it is essential to have a fair knowledge of your resources; on and off work. Many would contradict this notion of sneaking to personal lives of your employees, but here you are doing it to know them well and not to interfere.

Most successful businesses are built around a core team. This team generally is experienced, loyal and puts the value of its name. Businesses which are able to form a good core team, storms through to glory.

Just like Rome, building a team doesn’t happen in a single day. People will come by, work with you, leave your company and move on. That’s what generally happens.

But, once in a while, someone will come who belong to the place, will own the space and treat your business like his own. Make no mistake, the guy is in for the bigger things.

With that introduction, I am ready to roll out tips to help you build a reliable, efficient and fun-loving core team for your business.

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Tips for Selecting a Core Team

Trust is one factor that is essential for any professional relationship. You need to trust your employees and so does they should have faith in you. These tips should give you a better idea of how to make that core team that trusts you and in your idea:

Understanding of Each Other’s Thought Process

While selecting your team, remember, all your members are the ones having a good mutual understanding between them, else you will find yourself connecting dots only.

A good understanding among members may not be required, when you are sailing on silent water, but, at high tide, it will be immensely useful. Team with better understanding are known to be the survivors of the most fierce tempest.

Belief in Your Idea

Being a visionary and head of a company, you can see the unseen, which not many will believe or see themselves within it. You can’t have members of your core team, who don’t have believe in your idea. Each member of your core team must back you with their trust in your idea.

Doubts and confusion can jolt confidence of your team, which can be overcome by discussion and fact finding. But, if your team doesn’t believe your idea, it will hardly stand the test of time.

Experience, Loyalty, and Dedication

Your core team should be dedicated, loyal and experienced. You should see for these qualities in members of your core team.

The experienced guy will help you in different stages and situations of your business. Loyal member won’t let you down in hardest of moments of your journey. And, a dedicated one will ensure you don’t have to soak all the pressure when you are sailing against the tide.

Assign Workload Evenly

Your core team members are the one who will have to work proactively and with some degree of commitment. Sometimes, they have to sit extra hours to meet deadlines.

It’s pretty obvious, you can’t always divide the equal amount of work among each core team member. Nature and complexities of every work are different. Even then try to ease out every core member by disseminating work as evenly as possible among them.

If you feel, someone is overloaded, support them through appraisals or bonuses.

Motivate and Play the Game

Motivation in the real sense drive all the great teams. They are charged up and roaring to go all guns. Conduct regular meetings with members of your core team, discuss failures and success with them.

Reward the achievers and motivate the underachievers to be like them. The competitive approach among core team members can be the real motivator for other members and employees as well.

These team building tips aren’t new, only we ignore or neglect them (at own peril) at the time when we should have them by side for guidance.

At this point, many might feel, why, I have included all examples of adverse stages of the business cycle. It’s simply because we all are habitual of tasting and enjoying success, it is in the backward motion that we feel the heat.

Due to the sophisticated human tendency, we are calm and composed in favorable times, and our real temperament is only tested when chips are down and dry. Besides, success is an easily talked about topic, people are reluctant to discuss their failure in the fear of criticism.

Let me know, what is your take on making a good core team. I definitely will include that in my article with all due credits to the author.

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