Best Freelancing Job Portals for Finding Work

Status of being a self-employed – precisely, a freelancer – is pretty fascinating. Every year number of self-employed individuals is improving. Most labor organization of world have predicted a steep rise in the number of freelancing self-employed professionals by 2020.

Forbes published an article citing the fact that half of US and UK workforce will be self-employed by 2020. Ben Matthews freelance statistics is a great work in numbers highlighting the trend of leading world market with respect to the self-employed workforce.

This data, if not anything, can be used to convince your parents and family that you aren’t exactly wasting your time. Rather, you can now impress them by showing your prodigy in visualizing the future work culture.

But, before you switch to freelancing job, have you wondered, how you will get regular work for self-sustainability. Again, that may lead you to take back your advancing step, unless you know of freelancing job portals, which are juicy resources to help you get regular work. However, you need to know, how you can excel on these job portals. Let’s see:

Improve Your Chances of Getting Work

When you are applying for jobs on freelancing portals, you need to be knowing few aspects of getting your proposal accepted or noticed at the first place. So, here is what I believe should be useful:

Have a Complete and Detailed Profile

On freelancing portals, recruiters don’t meet you personally, so your profile here is very important to leave an impression. Recruiters don’t really find freelancers with an incomplete profile a good fit for their company.

Why wouldn’t they think, “If a person is not good enough to fill his/her own profile, would he/she be a good fit for our/my company?”. Isn’t that valid a thought?

I do sometimes hire freelancers for my projects, and I definitely look for people having a decent profile.

Work Experience

Showcasing all your work experience can be rewarding. Mention your projects, objectives, responsibilities, and results achieved. You will maintain these details one at a time and but it is useful all the time you are applying for a job.

Keep adding projects to your work portfolio as soon as you accomplish one. Most recruiters search for experienced professionals and work experience is the section they go after in your resume, proposal or cover letter.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

It is important that you maintain a good reputation with your clients. Your future hiring is very largely dependent on your previous client’s experience with you. So, ask for review and testimonial from clients when you finish a project. A positive feedback from past clients can get your more clients in future.

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Now, as all that secret is out, I am sharing some incredibly helpful resources which can help in your freelancing job search.


Upwork is world’s leading freelancing workplace. It has more than 10 million registered users, four million clients, and three million jobs posted every year. Basically, Upwork is a merger of two major leading freelancing network sites, namely, Elance and oDesk. Currently, Upwork has become the largest network for freelancers, offering jobs for everyone from writers and architects to legal aides and photographers.

LinkedIn Profinder

Recently, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Profinder to help freelancers looking for jobs. It has 420 million members in 200 countries which allow freelancers to quickly connect with strong leads through enormous data they have on LinkedIn. It is an optimum option especially for expert professionals in countless fields.


Toptal is specifically for elite software engineers and digital designers from over 100 countries around the world. The company’s screening process is quite difficult but once you get an offer, you’ll be a part of an exclusive community of experts. You’ll never stick in bidding war here since you set your own rates on the basis of hourly, part-time or full-time gigs.


SimplyHired has the largest variety of jobs which others do not have in this list. It has ample of opportunities for anyone seeking for extra work from construction to concierge over 24 countries. In fact, it is confined to English language only, it offers 12 different languages for you in order to find freelance jobs.


PeoplePerHour consists of jobs for skills related to web projects for software engineers, digital designers, SEO specialists, and marketers. It has a tool, namely, Workstream which helps to ease your business by organizing payment, communication, and management, all in one place. You can send 15 proposals for free before signing up for the premium plan.

Freelance Writing Gigs

This site is basically for writers and bloggers. Freelance Writing Gigs offer various writing positions varying from technical writing positions to writing about recipes, photography, and healthcare. It is an absolutely great site for the one who wants to test their skills at different types of professional writing.


If you are a blogger, writer, journalist or someone who is looking for content writing projects, Problogger is the right place for you. This blogging jobs platform is updated regularly and one can find some great listings on this job portal. Many good companies also post their project requirements on ProBlogger, making it one of the hottest job search destinations for bloggers and writers.

The freelancing job should make you proud. All the works you do and deliver are your own, and therefore you are the one who is blamed or praised for it. There are many resources to explore, it is up to you to test and find which one works for you.

My personal favorite is Upwork.

Share your experience with your favorite freelancing job portal.

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