5 Tricks for Improving Team Productivity

If you are leading a team, then you must be aware of the challenges and opportunities that affect team productivity. Getting the most out of your team can be daunting, mostly because you have different types of individual working together for a common goal. All have different work ethics and system of working. It may lead to a collision in opinions and can create miscommunication. There is no greatest organizational challenge, other than getting your team’s productivity up to the mark.

To improve team productivity, one requires a multistep implementation process which necessitates your employee’s job satisfaction and providing them the most effective tools for zealously performing assigned tasks and responsibilities.

The fact is, everyone wants to increase their team’s productivity, but the major muddle is how to do it?

Here are few gimmick tricks that can boost the maximum productivity of your team. Read on….

Provide Training

One of the key factors in maximizing productivity is in the skills and capabilities of your employees. Understand the current activities and trends going on in the market, improve skills with machines or software and expand their knowledge. This is how you need to set ground for their job role to make them more productive and better equipped at handling their tasks. In fact, train them with latest concepts and tools as and when introduced in the working of your company. Encourage them to read books, attend webinars and seminars, or an online training program.

Set Defined Goals & Tasks

When you are leading a team, you must be aware of the key skills that your employee consists at the individual level. Keeping in mind those skills, assign tasks outlining the key goals. Assigning large project with a deadline of two months is immense. Rather than over weighing your team’s shoulders, break large projects into smaller tasks which will show clear progress. Keep your team motivated and supported until they reach towards the final product. Remember, “Success is a series of Small Wins”. Track your small wins to motivate big accomplishments.

Organized Work Processes

To attain maximum productivity, create a system of accountability for your team. It always triggers the willpower to work harder and better. Set standards of communication for your team. Miscommunication with your team always leads to complications and mismanagement. Collaborate with your team as much as you can, two minds are always better than one. If you run a lot of meetings, then you seriously need to think twice about it. As excessive and unnecessary meetings will waste your time. Create and discuss your goals’ agenda in the meeting and invite only necessary people involved. Use better work management tools to have a clear communication and track your goals. Prioritize your work according to the needs.

Provide Incentives

Do rewards and incentives excite you? It even encourages to work more hard. In fact, many employers feel that appreciating their team or employees on feats and accomplishments is equally important. This validation will fuel them to do even better next time which means progress for the organization. Motivation can be an inducement for one which affects employee’s performance exceedingly. Performance related pay or monthly bonus like “Employee of the month” can definitely gear efficiency which in turn will boost productivity.

Talent wins games, but Teamwork wins championship

When your team members have a good understanding and understand each other well, they feel comfortable to share ideas and collaborate with each other. We have seen many a time, how teamwork turns the table.The relationships the team has will lead to faster and better results. You can plan some team building activities from small team building activities to problem-solving exercises to strengthen their relationship with each other. Use the resources around you and organize activities to boost their energy. You can choose activities based on your business so that it benefits your business as well.

Follow these steps and acquire productivity of your team by smart working, not by hardworking.

Over to You

If you think, I haven’t covered all points, do share your thoughts with me. I would love to include all that in here. Remember, as a team we increase productivity.

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