5 Tricks for Freelance Professional

A freelance business is lot more fun than any conventional 9-5 job. Generally, a freelance job doesn’t bind you in time, place, dress code, etc, affairs and you get the liberty to work in the way you are comfortable. Though, as thumbs rule, a freelancer should keep learning and develop all the while moving upward in the career. You may be a designer, writer, coder, or an SEO professional, scope of learning new things will remain an unending process. One, who wishes to make it big, should willingly adopt learning new techniques and aspects of their field. Unlike for our father and forefather, we are fortunate to have online learning and study materials to enriching our knowledge sitting at home.

There is always some room for improvement. Every professional must have the go-getter attitude towards improving them.

Improvement is a sign that you are alive. So, fasten your belts and let’s roll and learn some tricks that help us improve our freelance career.

Play within your Hunting Area:

Are you approaching new clients on regular basis? If yes, the first thing you will need to have is a personalized strategy for every client. With that, I mean, not every client have the same expectations. Expectations differ and similarly, your approach to work should change.

Don’t chase everything that comes your way.

Rather, have a basic plan for how you would be targeting your projects. Better to stick with the projects, that you believe, you can pull out in style. With a perfect track record, your chances of getting more projects will increase in future.

Assess your Priorities:

This indeed is a path-breaking tactics if you want to develop as a freelance professional. Assessing factors like where you want to be in X number of years, what your financial goals are and what it is that motivates you. (It can be money, work environment, scope of career development, etc). Having these things sorted out in a relaxed mind will only help you grow quicker and smarter.

Upgrade your Skills:

Once you stop learning, you are almost dead. Today’s world around us is moving really fast. Every single day something new takes birth. Things like Facebook, Instagram, Android, VR, etc are few examples of this. The only way to keep pace with the market demand is to have continuous professional development including your skills and work ethics.

Let’s say, Mr. X is a content writer, who specializes in only and only website content writing. Here Mr. X has already limited himself to a relatively smaller market demand. What Mr. X can do is learn to add Newsletter, Press releases, blogs, Classifieds, etc, services to his content writing portfolio for a better marketability.

Socialize with Peers:

Socializing with the peers is one of the things I really believe in with a full heart. I love to socialize with peers within and outside of my area of expertise.

I have grown a circle of over 3400 professionals from various fields in LinkedIn. Not only that, I have got some good projects from there as well. Most people in my LinkedIn circle are SEO experts, digital marketers, content writers and business development executives.

You will notice that these professionals are closely related to my field of expertise (Digital Marketing) and generally work closely with any structural setup – hence, my LinkedIn circle makes a beneficial professional networking.

Do Needful Research:

This can help you go long way. Always do the research as it helps in taking decisions easily and effectively. Researching through online resources, magazines, forums, and publications are helpful in learning new know-how of your field of expertise. Good research can also be very handy in knowing the average wages in your industry and help you in pricing reasonably.

In a freelance career, the scope of development is limitless. You can stay at home, have a fun time with family and still can work and earn your livelihood. But, as I say, you need to learn and have the willingness to learn.

If you believe I have left out on other tricks, please feel free to add or share in comments.

Raghabendra is going and flowing steadily with his new ventures. He is the mastermind behind Freelancing Jack. He also is heading a team of SEO professionals and content writers. He has put priced value on his name and that helps him pull out great results in his projects.