5 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer for your Projects

Many companies hire a freelancer on a regular basis. It gives them the convenience of hiring top quality contractors for a specified time on a project which doesn’t require a full-time manpower.

Freelancing job portals like UpWork, Freelancer, PayPerHour, etc are good breeding ground for both contractors and the hiring managers. Hiring managers post project requirements on these portals and the relevant freelancers pitch their services to propose their candidacy.

Whole hiring process sometimes can be a very lengthy one. Sometimes, companies conduct a comprehensive process of hiring across multiple stages, which is very similar to the traditional way. The sole aim of doing this is to hire best resources.

Hiring freelancers is a mutually fruitful relationship for contractors as well as companies which hire them. Hiring managers who are new to the freelancing job portals should read why they should hire a freelancer. What benefits they get by hiring a seasoned freelancer.

Flexible Working Hours

Most freelancers opted to freelance because they don’t buy the idea of working 9-5 jobs with XYZ company. So, basically, freelancers want to work in the hours when they are comfortable. This allows companies to hire contractors who can work for them even when their business is not in operation.

Let’s say you have a dedicated 24×7 customer care helpline or website chat support. A quality freelancing customer care executive is a perfect match for your requirement, who can give in hours of work in your preferred time zone.

Also, you don’t have to necessarily hire a freelancer for 8-9 hours per day. If your requirement is for lesser time, you can work that while discussing the project. Freelancers typically work on 3-4, or lesser or even more, projects at a time and therefore allot time to each as per their availability.

Availability for Different Project Lengths

When you hire a freelancer, you enjoy a flexible option of their availability for shorter as well as longer projects. One time project, a 3-4 months contract, or a yearlong contract, you can get an appropriate contractor for any length project.

However, it is good to discuss this aspect alongside other details with your contractor before commencing the project.

Creative Touch and Freshness

People will find this debatable if I say freelancers are a notch up creative than their counterparts in 9-5 jobs. Well, this may not go down well with many, but it’s a fact, that they are the guys who are risk takers, out of the box thinkers, and more.

By saying this, I don’t want to undermine anyone’s credibility. My motive behind this argument is to prove that when you hire freelancers you bring a fresh approach to your team. An element of quality, dedication, deadline adherence, etc, are rather enjoyed.

However, I also don’t opine that all freelancing individuals have the same professional ethos. Therefore, it’s up to hiring managers to do good profile check of their next potential contractor before hiring.

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Cost Effective Options

When you hire a full-time in-house employee, you bear all overhead expenses made on your new team member. This is not the case with a freelancer. You don’t pay them anything extra unless you have promised any added benefits.

Most freelancing guys have their own system and niche specific equipment, so you don’t have to pay anything on that account as well. However, if you need your freelancer to buy or hire some equipment for your particular project, it’s wise only to reimburse them.

In one of my very first writing assignment, my client wanted me to check all the written content on Copyspace.com and he himself purchased a premium account and granted me access.

Hire Multi-Disciplinary Talents

It’s quite common to find freelancing experts who are multi-talented and have expertise in different niches. Suppose, you are looking for a digital marketer with SEO, SMO, PPC, content marketing experience, you have great chances of getting a freelancer who specializes in all.

It is quite common in freelancers to learn and expertise in different domains. I personally do SEO, SMO, PPC, etc. When I was into writing, I used to write almost anything from press releases to white papers to web contents.


I believe these 5 reasons will help you make up your mind to go with a freelancing contractor for your future projects. Though there are few very loosely balanced contractors out there, you can easily spot them. As, they don’t have a good success score, client testimonials or reviews to claim their expertise. Just check out for these factors, and Voila!

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