4 Essentials of a Robust Social Media Campaign

With ubiquity in this digital marketing arena, social media continues to grow resulting in great revenue for businesses. According to research in 2017, Facebook is ruling the social network sites worldwide with 1,871 million active users while Whatsapp is with 1,000 million. Similarly, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have 600, 317 and 300 million users worldwide. Huge number! In fact, humongous.

Data Source: http://www.smartinsights.com

Although the use of social media may vary from country to country by the level of usage and demographics but its existence and impact are galactic. The marketing industry is betting on proven and effective social media campaigns to generate revenue. But not all organization are equipped enough to execute an effective and robust social media campaigns which can scale up their brand reputation.

Are you following the right strategy for your social media campaigns?

Let’s map out few sure short probable steps for a branded social media campaign.

Know Your Business & Set Goals

Before diving into social media campaigns, you must know what industry and audience your business deals. Is your business focused upon B2B or B2C? Have a thorough analysis of your audience and demographics. Who is your targeted audience? Set you key metrics goals before running a campaign like what you exactly want to achieve at the beginning of the campaign. You can set multiple goals with your campaign but each goal you set should be personalized to your business’s needs. The list of your goals should include increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic to the website and improving your conversion rates.

Choosing Social Media Platforms

Yet another important factor for any success of any social media campaign. You need to know what social platforms are best suited for your business goals. Say, Instagram and Facebook are great platforms to drive sales in fashion accessories but not LinkedIn. Similarly, if you are into a business which is looking for other businesses as leads, then LinkedIn can be the best option for you. Understand on which platforms your targeted audience spends the maximum of the time and make a research on recent campaigns in your industry to check out recent trends you can include in your campaign.

Content Calendar


Creating content calendars help you to plan all content marketing activities. Using this, you can visualize and track your content for a month, a year or a week. Make sure that your content posting revolves around your brand. It even allows you to plan content around key events in your particular industry on important dates. Also, you can track the time of publishing your content, if it is regular or not. Include columns like ‘Categories’, ‘Headline’, ‘Keywords’, ‘Content Format’, ‘Tracking Dates’ and ‘Final URL’. You can even make use of various tools to automate the scheduling of your content posts like HootSuite, BuzzSumo, Buffer, MavSocial etc.

Apart from paid tools, if you want to share your content editorial calendar with your mates, then you can use Google Spreadsheet or else MS Excel will work.

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Thorough Analysis

Are you constantly checking out with your campaign results? Are you meeting up with your goals?

When it comes to analyzing the success of your campaigns, you should keep an eye on KPI of your campaigns. Analyze your social data and modify your campaigns based on it. For a specified time period, evaluate if you have a difference in account logins, customer engagement metrics, and other metrics related to your business. Find out what adjustments you need to make in your next social media strategy by constantly testing. Use URL shorteners and UTM codes to track the number of clicks your link gets on a particular platform you have selected. Can it get more clicks on other platforms well? Always track your daily visits attained from social media platforms using Google Analytics.

Remember, with the social media, the best thing you have is the scope for innovation. You can keep experimenting and develop a strategy for customer engagement and brand building. Therefore, you are master of what you do. There isn’t a set protocol for social media campaigns, so innovative concept and engaging content plays the real trick.

Happy posting and let us know what other strategies do you use for effective social media campaigns. Share with us.

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  1. Know Your Business & Set Goals:

    Far too few website owners, understand the importance of this statement. I believe no more than 1% to 3% actually understand their industry and audience (i.e. industry determines audience).

    It’s only individuals who fall is this tiny percentage who create detailed customer demographics. Then structure their keywords, body copy, images, videos and podcasts to engage their demographic.

    I think its because social media marketing is being done more by simply following processes than building a deep understanding of the medium and figuring out the very best way to exploit social media for profit.

    For example, website owners must tweet 3 times a day.

    Who cares?
    – What they tweet about
    – Whether this adds value to their followers
    – Whether this engages their followers
    – Whether this drives shares and re-tweets
    – As long as they tweet 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon and night.

    The content types that work best in engagement on each social channel is more often than not ignored, or worse followed blindly without a thought about engagement.

    Content Calendar:
    There are a ton of great plugins and modestly priced 3rd party tools available today.

    These empower any website owner to plan and deliver engaging, value add content, focused on their target audience, at specific times in a day to a social channel of their choice. Plans start from as low as $9/- per month onwards. It’s sad how too few website owners use such tools. They lose out on such tools, power of engagement and conversion.

    Apparently creating a content calendar is easy enough. Sticking to its schedule afterwards is the big problem.

    Social Media – Throughput – Analysis:
    All website owners, want to have social media marketing processes run. They often spend quite a bit of time and money running these processes.

    Very few are using either a platform or 3rd party tool to measure and analyze the value of their efforts. Very few website owners constantly check the outcomes of their social media campaigns. Then tweak the campaign to deliver the best results.

    At the end of the day I’ve found a very large percentage of website owners simply give up and say social media marketing is a farce. A big waste of time and money.

    It’s not.

    I know of several website owners who drive five and six figure dollar incomes. Month on month. By executing a terrific, well planned, monitored and tweaked social media marketing strategy.

    I know I do.

    • Raghabendra Pradhan

      Hi Ivan,

      Thanks for providing those great insights. We always wanted to get such expert inputs from experienced guys like you in the industry. Good luck!

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